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I've found reference in my Grandfather's RNR service record to a document called an 'RV02'. Does anyone know what it is? It appears to be quite important as he had to be issued with a replacement one when his was lost when his ship was sunk.



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An R.V.2 is an RNR Certificate of Enrolment, I don't know if that is the same as an RV02.

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The Certificate R V 2 was a record book issued to a reservist when he joined the RNR which recorded all aspects of his service plus what he did in civilian life. It would include service number, personal details, training, payments and wartime service. If he was a merchant seaman or fireman it would record his civilian voyages and if he were a fisherman it would give some details on where he fished. As far as I can judge it was the source for much of the information that appears on the individual's service record.

I understand that the Certificate R V 2 was supposed to be handed back to the Registrar-General on completion of service. This may explain why I have never seen one while continuous discharge books for merchant seamen are easy to locate.

If anyone out there has a Certificate R V 2 I would love to see a copy.

The above information is taken from the Regulations for the Royal Naval Reserve (Men) Revised 1899 and later revisions.

ernest james

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