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Remembered Today:

John Henry Beacock. ACS

Carol Harrison

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It was suggested to me that I put in John's name and see if anything

came up, so I am.

I have his medal Roll card and and some service forms but not

his actual service record.

One form in particular I don't understand. It is a casualty form and has place & date of casualty but it

doesn't say what was wrong if anything.

Can I attach it to the list for anyone to look at?

Kind regards


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do you mean Army Service Corps ASC ? (not ACS)

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Sorry Coldstreamer, slip of the finger, trying to type too fast. Yes Army service Corps.


Yes I found that on fmp but this form mentions Reading 20.03.1918

Millbank SW 20.03.1918

Cannot understand next line only 01.05.1918 to 18.05.1918

Depot ???? Reading 10.05.1918

???? Sutton Coalfield 27.05.1918

At bottom it says Command posted depot Sutton Coalfield 16.10.18

Would this likely to be all to do with the gas poisoning?

Another form says he was treated in Westminster hospital and discharged 20.04.18.

I'm sorry if I seem thick, the writing is abysmal and I'm not used to it yet.

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He was gassed 12/3/1918

Depot posted (Reading) 20/3/1918

Admitted Queen Alexandra's MIlitary Hospital (Millbank SW) 20/3/1918

To Furlough 1/5/1918 to 10/5/1918

To Command Depot Sutton Coldfield (a military convalescent camp) 27/5/1918

He was at the convalescent camp until 16/10/1918

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