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Remembered Today:

The 71 Men of Latour


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Good morning,

In August 1914 the German Army killed several thousand civilians after it entered Belgium. In some small towns, such as Dinant, several hundred were killed; the village of Ethe had 211 killed, in Rossignol over 100 were taken to Arlon and shot just outside the railway station on 26 August.

In recognition of them all, please also today remember the 71 men of Latour, executed this day in 1914, two days after the fighting. At the time Latour was a small hamlet with a pre-war male population of 92:

ARQUIN, Narcisse aged 19

AUTHELET, Nicolas Edouard aged 42

BESNARD, Victor Auguste aged 42

BIEUVELET, Justin aged 32

BURTON, Henri aged 56

BURTON, Victor aged 16

BURTON, Victor aged 58

CLAUDE, Alphonse aged 44

CLAUDE, Jules aged 35

CLAUSSE, Richard aged 64

COLLIGNON, Pierre Célestin aged 68

COLLIGNON, Hyacinthe aged 29

COLLIGNON, Pierre Joseph aged 40

DARGE, Alfred Camille aged 33

DOMANGE, Fernand aged 30

DUCHENE, Edmond aged 34

GLOUDEN, Maurice aged 31

GRAISSE, Francois Edouard aged 55

GRAISSE, Felix aged 34

GREGOIRE, Eugene aged 56

HALLET, Joseph aged 50

HELLOY, Emile aged 38

HEYRENDT, Irene Joseph aged 23

HEYRENDT, Victor aged 27

HUBEAUX, Arnold aged 32

JACOB, Ephrem aged 30

JACOB, Ernest aged 36

JACOB, Irene aged 31

JACOB, Jules aged 41

JACOB, Lucien aged 38

JACQUEMIN, Francois aged59

JACQUEMIN, Jean Baptiste aged 64

JACQUEMIN, Joseph aged 58

JACQUEMIN, Joseph aged 62

JACQUEMIN, Leon aged 32

JACQUES, Augustin Prosper aged 66

JOFFIN, Ernest aged 28

JOFFIN, Louis aged 15

KOLP, Joseph aged 31

KOLP, Nicolas aged 39

LALLOUETTE, Emile aged 38

LAMBERT, Adolphe Désiré aged 69

LAMBERT, Alphonse aged 32

LAMBERT, Emile aged 25

LAMBERT, Joseph aged 27

LAMBERT, Louis aged 21

LAMBERT, Pierre aged 38

LAURENT, Léopold aged 65

LAURENT, Lucien aged 34

LAVAL, Arthur aged 19

LAVAL, Charles aged 26

LAVAL, Jean Henri Joseph aged 52

LAVAL, Léopold aged 16

LIEGEOIS, Arsene aged 47

LIEGEOIS, Constant aged 38

LIEGEOIS, Isidore aged 69

LIEGEOIS, Victorien aged 35

LUCAS, Jean aged 40

MUELLE, Lucien Jules aged 20

NICOLAS, Joseph aged 55

NICOLAS, Marcel aged 29

PIERRE, Jules aged 16

PONCIN, Adolphe aged 71

REIZER, Ernest aged 31

REIZER, Victor aged 62

RICHARD, Jean Baptiste aged 53

SIMON, Henri aged 33

SIMON, Louis aged 37

THIRY, Edouard aged 42

THOMES, Jean aged 40

ZENDER, Emile Jean aged 66


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Not forgotten.



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Sixty eight men ( some barely) and three boys....... two sixteen year olds and one fifteen year old.

Was this sort of indiscriminate selection of males replicated in the other massacres ?

At least they were all male.

Not so in many of the other atrocities, especially those in Belgium, if I'm correct.

Phil (PJA)

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