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8th Bn York & Lancaster Regiment October 1917


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Hi pals

:poppy: Pt. 32561 Arthur Wainer, 8th Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment. [Formerly: Private 9151 Royal Engineers] was k.i.a. 2 October 1917. He is Commemorated on the Tyne Cot Memorial and also on his parents' grave in our local (Ruskington Lincs) Cemetery.

The inscription on the Grave says: “Killed in Action at Inverness Copse”. I am wondering if anyone has the War Diary and can confirm that the Bn. was in action there then - or any other info that might be useful to my website.

Thanks as always



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Hi Graham,

My transcription of the Battalion War Diary:

27th November 1917

"Routine - drill, inspections, cleaning up etc. Relieved the 6th Leicesters at CANAL BANK DUGOUTS about 4.30 p.m. Rested there for the night.".

28th November 1917

"Moved up at 8.0 a.m. to the trenches and relieved 1st Cameronians. BH.Q and 'C' Coy in TOR TOP TUNNELS. 'A' & 'B' Coy in JAM RESERVE, D. Coy in STIRLING CASTLE. 2 Officers & 100 O.R. on carrying party from OBSERVATORY DUMP to JASPER DUMP. Heavy shelling on reserve lines.".

29th November 1917

"2 Officers & 100 O.R. on carrying party. 2 companies salvaged a quantity of stores, equipment etc. Battery positions in vicinity of Battn. trenches were submitted to a violent gas bombardment. 4 men of 'D' Coy were gassed and admitted to C.C.S. About 100 men were very slightly gassed, but remained at duty. Relieved the 11th Sherwood Foresters in front line. Situation normal.".

30th November 1917 - 5.0 am

"Relief completed. Situation normal. Dispositions:- BHQ at J.14.d.95.48 A Coy in support (one platoon in close support to B. Coy.) B Coy in right front sector: J.21.b.5.7 - J.15.d.6.2. 'C' Coy in left front sector: J.15.d.6.3 - J.15.d.5.9. D in reserve 2 Platoons J.14.d.95.05 and 2 Plato at STIRLING CASTLE. The enemy shelled our support and reserve areas very heavily in reply to our practise barrage. 2/Lt. J. Ashcroft wounded. 4 O.R. killed and 12 O.R. wounded. Enemy aircraft active, flying very low after over our lines and engaging our men with machine gun fire. Intermittent shelling throughout the day.".

30th November 1917

"About 7.45 pm. on the 30th the enemy barraged our lines, in answer to our practice barrage, and the S.O.S. was sent up on our flanks: 9th York & Lancs on the right & 9th Yorkshires on the left. He did not attack on our front, though many dead Boche were seen in NO MANS LAND next morning. Enemy was seen moving about in his back areas, and sniped as occasion offered. His working parties were busy, digging and carrying loads of timber.".

1st October 1917 - 5.30am

"The battalion dispositions were the same as on Sept. 30th. At 5.30am. the enemy placed a barrage on our front and support lines and kept it up until 5.45am when it was lifted to the area - TOWER: B.H.Q - INVERNESS COPSE. It slackened somewhat at 7.0am. but the area was heavily shelled throughout the day, and the artillery did not quieten until 6.30 pm. Two of our dugouts were destroyed. Another barrage was put along the line TOWER - B.H.Q - INVERNESS COPSE at 7.15pm

- 7.30pm

and the S.O.S. was fired by the unit on our left, the 9th Yorkshire Regt. It slackened and became quiet at 7.45pm. At 8.15pm. we had another practise barrage, but the retaliation was very feeble.

- p.m.


The wiring along our front was completed.".

2nd October 1917

"Another practise barrage, to which the enemy replied very forcibly. His shelling seemed to miss our front line, but his shooting on the support and reserve lines was very accurate. Enemy sniping active. Our trenches were improved and firestepped. Parties of the enemy were seen on the ridge in front of J.15.d.6.5. carrying timber and stores and were sniped.

There was desultory shelling throughout the day. At 7.10 p.m. the S.O.S. was fired by the Australians on the left, and immediately our artillery responded the enemy commenced to shell our support area and reserve lines very heavily until 9.0 p.m. This shelling was particularly severe, and postponed the relief by the 2nd K.O.S.B. which should have commenced at 8.0 pm. However at 9.0 p.m. the relief was proceeded with and completed by 1.15 am".

3rd October 1917 - 1.30am

"The battalion proceeded to RIDGE WOOD, where it encamped for the night.

Our casualties for the term[?] 30th Sept. - 2/3rd Oct. were:- Officers - 1 killed & 1 wounded O.R. 8 killed; 50 wounded; 3 gassed; & 10 sick.".

- 2.0 pm

"At 2.0 p.m. the battalion embussed for METEREN, and was billeted in the town.".

I hope that it helps



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Hi guys

Just what I needed - thank you very much :thumbsup:


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Yes - thanks Chris, I had found but wanted some more detail on the Bn. position when he was killed - also to see if the parents' grave inscription was accurate.


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