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Does anyone know what the abbreviation SRAD stands for?

I have an East Africa & Uganda Protectorates 10 cent piece of George V - it has been smoothed down on one side and the following details stamped on it as a privately made Identity Disc.

"R.D. DONOVAN SR AD 1969" - the coin has a hole in the center - the S is above the hole and the R is below it, while the A is to the left of the hole and the D is to the right - its possible that it should read ADSR?

My best guess is that it stands for "southern Rhodesia Ammunition Details"

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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senior anno domini ?


The amendments could have been made at any point and not necessarily ww1

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It could be Southern Rhodesia Ammunition DEPOT. "Details" would not be used as a unit description, although the depot would have included all details awaiting posting to units.


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