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Thomas William Newman Essex Regiment

Barbara N

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This is a shot in the dark, but I'm looking for information regarding my uncle, Thomas William Newman born 1884 in West Ham who was in the Essex Regiment at the Somme in WW1. And that is all I know about him. His service records must have been amongst those burnt in WW2, so haven't a clue what his regimental number is. I would love to find out which regiment he served in, and when and where he fought. Does anyone know of an another source of information that I could try? He returned home unscathed as far I know at the end of the conflict.

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Hi Barbara N,

If you are sure that he served abroad with the Essex Regiment, then I think that he was with the 11th Battalion.

Searching Ancestry using the name "Thomas Newman", and using "Essex" as the regiment, the Medal Rolls gave me no results. Using "T Newman" and "Essex", I got the following results:

19072 T Newman (appears on Victory/British War, and 1914-15 Star Medals Rolls)

19112 T W Newman (appears on Victory/British War, and 1914-15 Star Medals Rolls)

33301 T Newman

33301 T Newman can be ruled out as his Silver War Badge entry gives his name as Thomas Harold Newman.

The Victory/British War Rolls do not state a Battalion for either of the other men, but for 19112 T W Newman it does show him as an Acting Corporal

Both 19072 T Newman, and 19112 T W Newman appear on the same page of the 1914-15 Star Medal Roll of the 11th Battalion, Essex Regiment, with the same disembarkment date in France on 4th October 1915. Both men survived the war - 19072 went to the Z Reserve on 19th April 1919, and 19112 was discharged on 6th July 1919 (though subsequently re-enlisted in the RASC as number 49124).

The broad movements of the 11th Battalion can be seen on the LLT. As part of the 6th Division the battles that the Battalion would have been involved in are also shown on the LLT

The War Diary for the 11/Essex is available for download from the National Archives for £3.30. It will contain a short day by day narrative of events, and show the places where it was located.



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Chris, Thank you so very much for this, I really didn't have a clue as to where I might find him. This info certainly gives me a chance and I will start searching immediately.

Best regards Barbara

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The War Diary of the 11th Battalion of the Essex Regiment starts here on Ancestry if you have access (the pretty pathetic indexing means it is extremely difficult to find):


You may be able to find him on an Absent Voters List - usually available from Local History Centres - which could match up his military and civilian identities.


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