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Remembered Today:

July 1918 Albania loss

James A Pratt III

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TSTB I don't have access to part II has

5 July 1918 Lt BT Anderson WIA/POW & Lt CS Sivil WIA/POW over Albania

War in the Air volume VI has

A DH 9 shot down crew POW & July the crew liberated by Italian cavalry at the hospital near the Fieri airfield where they captured 5 Austrian airmen. It also mentions the Italians capturing 6 Austrian aircraft.

Austro-Hungarian ace Obltn Bela Macourek is credited with a DH 9 and Ca 3 on 6 July 1918

I wonder if Anderson & Sivil were downed by Macourek?


23 August Macourek shared a DH 4 with Austrian Ace Julius Arigi

6 September Macourek claimed a DH 4

One of these aircraft was N6418

Arigi also claimed a DH 4 on 24 July

I understand there are gaps in the loss records of the RAF in this area.

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