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Air attack on Ismir July 1917


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This question was posed, do you know any details?


During the night of 6. / 7. July 1917 British aircrafts attacked and bombed Izmir, but obviously not causing any big damages. Does anyone know which Royal Flying Corps units and / or seaplane carriers were invloved in this action?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


Can you help?



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The air operations in the Aegean during 1917 may be divided into: (i) watching the Dardanelles for possible movements of the Turko-German fleet, (ii) preventing enemy aircraft from surveying the British fleet bases and the movements of ships, (iii) long-distance reconnaissance to the Marmara and Bosporus, (iv) bombing attacks on military objectives in Turkey and Bulgaria, (v) work on the right flank of the army in Macedonia, and (vi) anti-submarine patrols. For these extensive operations there was, in the Eastern Mediterranean on the 1st of February 1917, a total strength of 57 flying officers, 78 aeroplanes, 29 seaplanes, and 5 S.S. type airships. This strength was distributed among the following units: 'A' Squadron at Thasos and 'D' Squadron at Stavros, responsible for re-connaissance and bombing operations in southern Bulgaria and the Lower Struma; 'C Squadron at Imbros for reconnaissance and bombing of the Gallipoli Peninsula, the Dardanelles, the Sea of Marmara, and the Constantinople railway; and 'B' Squadron (RNAS) at Thermi (Mitylene) for anti-submarine patrols of the Smyrna and Aivalik areas, and for reconnaissance and bombing of the Panderma-Smyrna railway and other communications. The rest of the air command comprised the stores depot and base at Mudros, the S.S. airship station at Kassandra, the seaplane carrier Empress, and the depot ship Ark Royal.


The aerodrome of 'B' Squadron at Thermi on the island of Mitylene was well placed for offensive action against the Smyrna-Panderma railway, and many attacks on the bridges were made throughout 1917. Other objectives in the first half of the year were the aerodromes at Paradisos and Kassimir, ripening crops, granaries, and shipping in Smyrna harbour.
[both quotes from https://archive.org/stream/warinairbeingsto05rale/warinairbeingsto05rale_djvu.txt]

Not the full answer to your question Steve, but it's somewhere to start from



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Thanks mate I will pass that on, the raid may have been against the rail way and not the city?


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