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Locations in Beaumont-Hamel sector - Sep 1916


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Could anyone help me out by identifying some locations in the Beaumont Hamel sector?

I am researching two casualties of 17/KRRC, both killed on 3 September 1916, during a small-scale attack. The war diary contains the op orders but all locations for the objectives are referred to by point numbers only. I lack the maps to pin down these locations. The first objective was the German front line between Points 91 and 13.

Given various titbits in the diary my suspicion is that, if one were to divide the area between the Ancre and Y Ravine in half, the northern half would be the area we're talking about here - but if anyone could confirm or deny that, I'd be most grateful.

- brummell

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Not many areas where point 91, which would normally be on the right, and 13 equate to front line. Attached is best bet, between the blue blobs.



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