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AB Walter Edward Murphy Service No: J44029

Guest Mollusc52

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Guest Mollusc52

I have found my great uncle's entry in the Register of Seamen's Services but am struggling to interpret it. It seems he joined as a boy on 31/08/2015 aged sixteen for a period of 12 years. The last entry however is 19/05/1919 his last posting being Victory I. There is reference to "Mastiff" at several points in the service record but I don't know what that means. He was transferred to "Act Sto I" (Acting Stoker I?) on 20/05/2019 and there is a statement "Vide S.S. 121268" which means nothing to me.

I have also found his medals record showing the decorations were sent to "Greenwich", but from the service record it appears he never served there!

Copies of both documents are attached. Any assistance with interpretation would be greatly appreciated.

WE Murphy Medals.pdf

WE Murphy Naval.pdf

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He was transferred from a Continuous Service (CS) engagement as a seaman (J.44029) to a Special Service (SS) engagement as a stoker (SS.121268). You have only shown his seaman's record here. You need to see his stoker's record which can be downloaded here:-


This record will, doubtless, show his post-WW1 service in the destroyer depot ship HMS GRENWICH where his medals were issued to him.

The original engagement (enlistment) papers which your relative signed for both engagements are held at the Fleet Air Arm Museum. Because he first enlisted as a boy these will include his Parental Consent papers.

HMS MASTIFF was an 'M' Class destroyer built in 1914.

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Also worth noting that the oirignal 12 year period would not actually have started until the day he turned 18, the boy service did not count towards the total (as I understand it). "Vide" is the Latin for "see", and as horatio has pointed out, refers to the record covering the rest of his service

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