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11th Infantry Labour Company, Lincolnshire Regiment


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The 11th Infantry Labour Company of the Lincs Regt was reformed as the 50th Labour Company on 13 April 1917 by ACI 611.

I have a number of poems and an illustrated Christmas card written and drawn by a W Ogden of the 50th Labour Corps.

One poem is endorsed with the letters HTRP. It is also endorsed La Marais France Nov 11 1918.

The christmas card is dated 18 December 1918 St Amand France.

I would be interested in any information about this unit and what HTRP might stand for.

Thanks in anticipation!!

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One possibility is Horse Transport Reserve Park, but I'm not sure if that's what it is in this case. Is there a number before it?

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There is no number

The letters appear after his name and before his unit in a printed poem and then at the end of the christmas card

I like the possibility you suggest even if only to resolve the initials

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I've just found that WO 95/266 includes a war diary for a Horse Transport Reception Park, so my guess was close. I still don't know what it actually did. The diary will probably give some idea but it's not online yet.

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Thank you

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