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Ottoman 15th Corps in Eastern Galicia 1916-1917


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On 09/09/2019 at 09:53, stevebecker said:

1Bty/17th FAR

4Bty/17th FAR

5Bty/17th FAR (12 guns)

3Bty/76th FAR (4 guns)

6Bty/12th FAR (4 guns)

3Bty/45th FAR (6 guns)

2xBtys/45th FAR (10 guns)

2xBtys/11th FAR (12 guns)


What type of guns are these and the others I could not identify?



1a.jpg.ba169135c1667d50e6aa068bf0969605.jpg Must be field gun but I couldn't find the exact type

1.jpg.510ea19a7d310c6d7be792d03ac7582d.jpg  = 15 cm QF "Old Type" field howitzer (most probably 15 cm sFH 93)

1b.jpg.49fb6d0b26a09513b5e2287cebd9e787.jpg Must be field howitzer but I couldn't find the exact type

1c.jpg.a5615adef471ba42ed5082b32dfe7a47.jpg = 3.7 inch (or cm) gun?

1d.jpg.466e8de9fbea49bc99f9eaa8d957cd1d.jpg = 7.5 cm QF field gun with old type mount? 

1e.jpg.b24864e6ae38a11acb9f4af35e4d6717.jpg Again, must be field gun but I couldn't find the exact type

1f.jpg.ad7ebacf9401d086eb0cfa37f605bbea.jpg  = 10.5 cm slow firing old "Greek" gun 


I was only able to identify these.


Below is the key/legend I use (from the same TGS book). You may want to have a look:






On 09/09/2019 at 09:53, stevebecker said:

most batteries with 105mm or 150mm, are in Heavy (Agir) batteries, so that maybe the reason these heavier guns show up in Div Batteries as they are classed as Light Obüs/How


But I have also seen then classed as heavy guns?


12th Heavy (Agir) Obüs/How Bn -2x batteries each with (4x 105 mm guns) 

2nd Heavy (Agir) Obüs/How Bty (2x 15cm Krupp K16 field guns)

But I also could be reading them incorrectly?


An arty unit with 105 mm guns would not be called "heavy." but "12th Heavy How Bn" seems to be an exception. On which front it was serving?




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