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Remembered Today:

Dr Sam Alberti: War, Art and Surgery


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Dr Sam Alberti, Curator of the Hunterian Museum and Library at the Royal College of Surgeons of England, is much recommended as a speaker!

Last night he came to the institute where I work and spoke on 'Surgery, Collections and the First World War'. I know this doesn't sound like a culture/art subject, but it covered various aspects of medical illustration, including Henry Tonks's work for Harold Gillies.

Sam also presented "my" library with a copy of this, which I shall look forward to reading.


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Hi Jane

I was very enthusiastic about him when I heard the talk about 18 months ago. I'd never heard of him (I believe you knew him before) and found it a surprisingly engrossing experience. I liked his low-key, but very articulate style.


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Hi Liz,

It was you! I couldn't remember...

Yes, I've known him a few years now.


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