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Robert Lenoir (1898-1979), French Army, 82nd Heavy Artillery?


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Dear all,

I am a historian, working on a biography of Robert Lenoir - a man who had a long and successful career in British industry, but who also served in the French Army, being wounded and decorated. I am working from notes compiled by a good friend, following Lenoir's death in 1979, and while I have no reason to doubt the information, I would like to cross-reference and double-check the material, which may well be wrong in fine detail as it was set down so many years after the event. The material I have is all in English, and must translate original French sources.

I would appreciate any advice on where I might verify the following details:

Lenoir volunteered 13 Nov 1916, and was posted as an NCO to the 82nd Regiment of Heavy Artillery at Nogent-sur-Seine. To the Front, Feb 1917, at Moulin de Laffaux, acting as a forward observer. Severely wounded 23 April 1917 at Leuilly. A report on this apparently appeared in 'regimental orders'? He is described as 2981 Serjeant Robert Lenoir (Army Reserve) (Class 1917/18). 'A gunner of exemplary devotion to duty. Wounded by shell splinter 23 April 1917 while resolutely endeavouring to extinguish a fire in an ammunition dump caused by enemy bombardment'. Evacuated to hospital at Soissons, for surgery, then transfer to Dieppe. Returned to the Front June 1917. Gassed and evacuated August 1918, to hospital at Toul. On discharge, transferred to Regimental Depot at Moret-sur-Loing, returning to Verdun in September 1918 with 28th Regiment of Heavy Artillery. Apparently awarded Croix de Guerre, Croix des Combattantes Voluntaires, and Medaille de Verdun. Appears as entry 140,177 in the Golden Book of Soldiers of Verdun.

My very superficial understanding is that there is significantly more digitalised and accessible information for British soldiers but perhaps that is naïve and wrong, Is any of this detail relatively easily verifiable?

With many thanks, in advance,

James Nye

ICBH, Kings College London

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Many thanks for this suggestion - I had already found the site, and drawn a blank, which is what prompted me to ask here. I am an infrequent war record researcher, but in the past have looked mainly at British soldiers, where the most obvious resources, usually via Ancestry, frequently come up trumps in seconds. I was a bit disheartened to find it was not the same for the French! Thanks though, much appreciated! James

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You could post in Documents /Look ups Forum. Try using 'Finding French Army Records' as the heading.

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