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Remembered Today:

The New Zealander Battalions at Sling Camp and the construction of the


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Thanks Wendy, appreciated. I am piecing together information here in NZ - got 3 big break throughs this week. Exhilarating!



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Guest bbcjoncuthill

Hi Colleen,

Really interested to chat re: Bulford Kiwi. Am a producer/presenter for a regional BBC programme in the South of England and am filming an item looking as some of the lesser known chalk carvings in the region. I'd like to include the story of the Kiwi and wondered if I might be able to pick your brains. My email is jon.cuthill@bbc.co.uk - drop me a line and will explain more. Can't believe I missed you visiting the UK last year!

Best wishes

Jon Cuthill, BBC Inside Out South.

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If I may add a little - if you plan to see the long view of The Kiwi, go in the afternoon when the sun shines on it. It can be disappointing when in shade below Stephen's Mound, especially as it is in want of whitening in some way.

Pick a viewing position to the North West so that there is no visual distortion - the open ground known as Bulford Field, above Old Carter Barracks is pretty good, and you would only be about 20 meters below the carving.

The Kiwi Boot Polish company paid for the upkeep of The Kiwi for many years - I wonder if they have any records ?

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Play around with


this site


which will give you various scales of map of various periods.


I found



for example, and you should be able to get something larger.




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A few weeks after the outbreak of war, the building of a hutted camp was started at Sling by New Zealanders who were living in Britain and had enlisted in their country's army. Because of concern about the lack of quarters for them in England, their compatriots en route from New Zealand were diverted to Alexandria, where they were joined by the British section. This is the first photo I've seen that (probably) shows the British-domiciled New Zealanders, published in an unspecified magazine in 1915. A couple of the men do not appear to be of military bearing and I think that their uniforms suggest they're handouts from British stores.




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