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Surtees George Boon, H.M.S. Monitor 26


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Surtees George Boon, sometimes found as George Surtees Boon, 1897-1944, served in Royal Naval Reserve as A7287.

He married in 1918 and his profession is listed as sailor aboard H.M.S. Monitor 26.

His wife was from a Dover family and Monitor 26 was based there but can any member please help me discover his earlier service?

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Is it possible that he had served in he same Drifter as his father?

See this previous thread:


Both are named on the Mutford, Suffolk Memorial



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Hi Dave, there are two George W. Boon's born in Mutford in 1865/1866. I believe Surtees' father is not the one killed in the Great War but died of natural causes in 1943.

My family tree is not complete yet.

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As an RNR seaman (rather than a deckhand) his mobilised service is more likely to have been in ships of the Fleet than in boats of the Auxiliary Patrol.

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Papers available at National Archives.

George William Boon DA5346 dob 1April 1866 Ref no. BT377/7/51819.

Surtees Boon A 7287 dob 4Sept 1896 Ref no. BT377/7/7299.

William Boon DA902 dob 16April 1892 Ref no. BT377/7/47380.

William is William George, Surtees's elder brother.

Sorry have no idea how to set up links.


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Thank you Bob and Horatio2.

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