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Doing some genealogy research on Family members who died in the Great War and I have a puzzler.

I had a relative who served with the 6th Bn. Yorkshire Light Infantry, he died on March 31st 1918, 1 of 5 from the Regiment who died that same day and who are all buried at Chauny Communal Cemetery British Extension. According to "The Long, Long Trail" web site, this Regiment was disbanded on 19th February 1918, a month earlier. Can anyone explain this? Were the men assigned to other units and never had their dog tags changed to the new Regt.?

Would be interested on any information on what happened to the men of disbanded units.



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Some of the men from 6 KOYLI were transferred to the 16th. Entrenching Battalion (background at the link below). These men are likely to be recorded as being 16th Entrenching Batt. late 6 KOYLI or similar wording and be buried under a KOYLI badged headstone.

Does this explanation fit with your man? If so the 16 Entrenching Battalion War Diary, though not yet digitalised, can be obtained here:




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Thanks Dave,

This helps. I suppose with the war winding down and most Battalions reduced to Cadre, there would have been a lot of confusion as to where most men ended up, if they were reassigned. or before returning home.


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