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Now the concentration details from CWGC are online, and there is a website to convert the map co ordinates to Google satellite it is great to be able to sort out where some men were found EXCEPT...in the case of 3/10632, Lance Corporal, William George LINGWOOD 8th Norfolks, died 1st July 1916. He is resting now in Dantzig Alley, Mametz, where one would expect, as the 8th Norfolk attacked from Carnoy towards Montauban.

The concentration card clearly gives map sheet 57c, which would put him up by Ayette, not the logical place ie sheet 62c. He does not appear on German PoW records on Red Cross site which might have explained it.

Don't know if anyone has come across similar anomalies. The overworked staff at CWGC will probably only have their original of the concentration card to go on and that is quite clear sheet... 57c

Mind you at sheet 57c his number was 10682, by the time we reach Dantzig Alley and the headstone records he is 3/10632

All very puzzling

Regards Tony

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Hi Tony,

A delayed response, but I think the Concentration record should refer to sheet 62C, placing the burial plots in the field between the Carnoy Road and the Mametz Road.  This is in the heart of the zone of the attack and makes more sense. 


The reference to 57C is forgivable because this Sheet was on the other side of the Mametz Road and they collected numerous casualties from that area too.  There are quite few errors in names and numbers on the concentration sheets, but I can't recall the wrong sheet before.



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As I happen to have all the concentration sheets for Danzig I had a look at them in sequence and can see;


  1. Sheets 1-45 are all 62d.
  2. Sheet 46 was typed as 57c but has been crossed through and not amended, although five lines down the entry indicates 62d.
  3. Sheet 47 is typed as 62d.
  4. Sheet 48 was typed as 57c SW but only the 57 has been crossed through and replaced in crayon by 62, suggesting it's 62c SW. Square A.2 is the only one given on this sheet and there is no A.2 on maps 57c SW or 62c SW. SW comprises squares M N O S T U
  5. Sheets 49-51 are all square A.2 and typed up as 57c SW which can't be right.
  6. Lingwood is on sheet 49
  7. Sheet 52 is typed as 57c SW and has map refs for squares S.20 & s.26 which could be correct.

Lingwoods original burial place is give as A.2.b.5.1 on sheet 57c SW which makes no sense. A.2.b.5.1 on map 62c NW places him just north of Carnoy which as Tim says makes more sense.


Sheets 48-51 are all part of a block of concentrations and someone tried to correct the error by adjusting the heading for sheet 48 but didn't make it particularly clear and didn't notice the SW/NW problem, nor did they correct the other three sheets.


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