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Scotland and the Great War


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"Scotland and the Great War" edited by Catriona M M Macdonald and E W McFarland, first published in 1999 has been reprinted. It is a collection of essays or papers written largely by academics for a conference of the same title held at Glasgow Caledonian University in 1997 exploring a number of Scottish themes relating to the conflict. Most of the authors are Professors of Scottish History at various Scottish institutions. The chapters are;

1. The Scottish Economy and the First World War by Clive H Lee

2. The Impact of the First World War on Scottish Politics by I G C Hamilton

3. War Resisters and Anti-Conscription in Scotland; an ILP Perspective by William Kenefick

4. Fighting and Bleeding for the Land: the Scottish Highlands and the Great War by E W Hamilton and Iain J M Robertson

5. Be Strong and of a Good Courage; the Royal Scots Territorial Battlions from 1908 to Gallipoli by Ian S Wood

6. Confrontation and Withdrawal: Loos, Readership and the First Hundred Thousand by Gordon Urquhart

7. May 1915: Race, Riot and Representations of War by Catriona M M Macdonald

8. Piety, Gender and War in Scotland in the 1910s by Callum G Brown

It makes fascinating reading and a rather refreshingly objective analysis of many myths. It challenges a few popular views and provides much food for thought. The chapters are all heavily referenced (usually a good sign). For anyone interested in Scotland's quite remarkable contribution to the war it is essential reading.

I missed it first time around and for those out there who also did, I thought it worth flagging. The Gallipoli chapter on the rather harrowing fate of the Royal Scots' Territorial battalions is worth the price alone.


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This had completely passed me by, thanks for the heads-up!

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