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MIC - Army Order II


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A soldier I am researching, Pte. Frank H. Pilborough is a bit of a mystery. His MIC puts him in the "112 T.Res" Rifle Brigade which I presume means Training Reserve. The card also says, "See T. R. Pilborough". I am presuming this means he joined

under an assumed name.

He was discharged on 29.9.17 and the reason for discharge is Army Order II, para. 2/6/2.

Can anyone please confirm my presumptions (or not) and does anyone know what paragraph 2/6/2 was all about?


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No, I think it just says 'See TR' which may be a ref to the Training Reserve. Usually if a name mistake was made there would be two cards but I can't see a T R Pilborough card anywhere. No medal entitlement either just the SWB.


The main part of his discharge is the KR 392 xvi which means 'No longer physically fit for war service'

The other part which is Army Order 2, Para 2 B 2. They have missed out the year of Army Order 2 and the army order number because they think it's obvious. I think its AOII No. 265 dated 10/8/1917.

AO 265 1917 - Para b states:

Those who having served as soldiers and being still of military age have been discharged under the conditions set forth at (i) and (ii) in (a).

Which doesn't really help. The b part is telling you that he was discharged under AO 265 of 1917 Para 2 A ii which says that after serving at home and having been medically examined and discharged from liability.

Full text of AO 265 1917 here, 2nd image down. section b is top of page 5, section a ii is bottom of page 4.


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his MIC is not for a medal but for the silver war badge and the reason for discharge has been miss copied from the silver war badge roll. which quotes AO II para II B II 392XV

and the Long long trail page on the Army Order 265II of 10th august 1917 shows

(ii) after service at Home, and have been medically examined and finally discharged from liability to further military service under sub-section (5) of Section 1 of the Military Service (Review of Exceptions) Act 1917, as permanantly and totally disabled, otherwise than from misconduct.

Which means he was called up for training and discharged as physically unfit for service, the later part of the code details how he was unfit and he was given the silver war badge to show he wasn't a shirker.

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I know that the Forum members are rapid responders, but the detail you have supplied is invaluable. Thank you both very much.


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