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Remembered Today:

With Hooge Crater Museum shut on Mondays...


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Am part of small party of novices going over in June.

They're responsible for the itinerary. We arrive on a Monday and they have planned visits to Diksmuide, Tyne Cot and Hooge Crater Museum (in that order) before going into Ypres proper.

Have had to point out to them that Hooge Crater is shut on Mondays.

I haven't been for ages and would be grateful for any suggestions as to (new? museum-y?) places nearby they might enjoy that kind of stick to that loop/ route?

(Would rather avoid Sanctuary Wood please - not a great fan).



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The Passchendaele Museum at Zonnebeke has had some very good reviews by GWF Pals and is on your route back to Ypres from Tyne Cot. It's open on Mondays, I believe.

Or perhaps you've already been there?


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Yes, second Passchendaele Museum. Take my kids there every year. Excellent experience. They even eat a picnic in the grounds by the lake afterwards. Lovely place.


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Went there with my (then 11 year old son) 5 years ago - I thought it was great and suspect it still is

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I believe most everything is closed on Monday in Poperinge--maybe Ypres too.


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