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Festubert battle; Cinder track.. trenches?

One of the SKINS

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Does anyone know if the ridge at the end of the cinder track might be part of original trenches?
I have just returned from my first visit to commemorate my Grand-Uncle who was KIA on May 16 1915. We walked down Cinder track to where there is a sort of raised ridge with tunnels & I wondered if this might be 100 years old?


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No. I think what you are describing is the banking which encloses the fishing pond. This doesn't conform with the trenches (or the position/direction of the trenches) shown on Linesman. Happy to be shown to be wrong though!


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Hi Paul,

Yes I think you're right there....thanks anyway.


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Hi Garret,

Agree with Paul. Worked out the trench lines with the assistance of maps from the Official History and other publications of the time. The mounds are a recent construct.


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