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andrew pugh

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Good Evening.

My great Uncle was with the 24th Battalion Royal Fusiliers and was wounded on the 13th November 1916 up on the Redan Ridge, where would he have been treated first.?

Regards Andy

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LLT gives Division Field Ambulances

4th Field Ambulance left for Guards Division 19 August 1915 5th Field Ambulance 6th Field Ambulance 19th Field Ambulance joined August 1915, left November 1915 100th Field Ambulance joined November 1915

If he was wounded during a planned attack the WD might contain a sheet of the plan and include where wounded men were to taken.

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24 RF War Diary is digital and downloadable for £3.30 and you may get to see the Orders for the first day of the Battle of the Ancre when your GU was wounded with 5 Infantry Brigade of 2 Division:


There were three Field Ambulances attached to 2 Division: 5 : 6 : and 100. There may have been a link for each one to be attached to one of the 3 Brigades in the Division but you can't rely on the medics picking up only those who belong to their Brigade responsibility. Each of these have a War Diary but you are unlikely to get any detail of the casualties they collect,merely the quantity they have received or collected on a given day.

It might be worth trying the Forces War Records site as they have been digitising some Casualty Registers,and you never know,your man might be listed,even though so many of these Registers are no longer around:


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