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'I' Sound Ranging Section RE

Yorke Scarlett

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I came across a Capt John Beech who died on 12th May 118 and buried in Gwalia Cemetery outside Poperinge recently and his unit made me curious.

Could anyone enlighten me (and possibly others) as to the doings of this unit.

'I' Section was part of 4th Field Survey Company RE

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Sound ranging was an innovative technique to determine the location and direction of approaching aircraft. The Report on Survey on the Western Front 1914 1918 defines it as "the system of fixing the position of enemy guns by recording the sound of their discharge (known as Sound Ranging). Chapter 3 of this publication details exactly how it works and its fascinating history (just as this forum's search engine would have revealed to you).

RE Signals had sound ranging sections, co-located with anti-aircraft batteries, as this extract from Priestley ("The Signal Service in the European War of 1914-1918 (France)" shows:

The artillery alone, with their allied services — kite
balloon, sound ranging, flash-spotting, anti-aircraft sections, etc. —
required considerably more intercommunication now than had
been allowed to the whole Expeditionary Force as originally
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Thanks WSL/Chris,

Chris, It does - and in detail

Hopefully 4th Field Survey Company Royal Engineers will no long be a mystery to others.

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Thanks nigelfe, I think you and Chris have comprehensively covered the subject.

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