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Belgian soldier "Polydoor Moens"


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Just saw this (Dutch) article in a Belgian newspaper, about a man who found a WW1-booklet in the attic of his father in law who had recently passed away.

In it were several pictures and an identity-card of a certain Polydoor Moens, born 3 april 1895.

Plus two postcards, sent from Balaruc in France.

Some photo-captions mention a "first line" and "Rampelle" plus the name "Merxem".

The man would like to find more info about this Polydoor Moens.

Anybody who has a clue?


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Here is his birthcertificate :

Polydorus Leo Moens, son of Edmundus Moens and Clementia Francisca van Mellaert.

Born at 3 in the morning on 3rd April 1895


I can't find him in the "Vuurkaart" database http://tenboome.be/?page_id=128

he's also not in the name-list of "in Flanders Fields"? http://www.gonewest.be/nl/namenlijst

But then I'm not that familiar with Belgian soldiers-research..

If you post your questions on http://www.forumeerstewereldoorlog.nl/index.php I'm pretty sure you'll get a quick answer.


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Many thanks JW for the certificate, I'll try forumeerstewereldoorlog as well.


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