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1st Connaught Rangers 18 April 1916: War Diary

Hedley Malloch

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Can some kind person tell me what 1/CR were doing on 18 April 1916. I know they were in Kut. Was there any serious fighting around this time?

The War Diary is not available on-line.

Many thanks in advance.

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Away from home at the moment Hedley but I'll check back on Monday evening and if no one has come up with the details by then I will.


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My apologies Hedley. We had an accident in the family and I haven't had time to look at this until now. I will post the War Diary transcript tomorrow.


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Hope this helps -

April 15th. 3 am.
Brigade assembles. Conn Rangers leading. 9th Bde on left.

4.15 am.
Move forward with as objective line Turkish trench which is a forward work of main BEIT AIESSA system.

5 am.
Turkish trench rushed and taken, with about 30 casualties; prisoners 1 officer and 30 men.

Position consolidated.
Congratulatory message from Corps commander.

7 pm.
Relieved and take over picquet line on left of captured trench.
B & C Companies in Bde reserve. Four officers from R.W.K join & Major L.F. Leader of King’s Regt.

April 16th. 6 am.
Push forward advanced posts. 29 wounded. 10 to hospital.

6 pm.
Relieved by 59th Sikhs & go back to Brigade.

6.30 pm.
Receive preliminary orders for attack on BEIT AIESSA. 5 killed. 4 missing. 7 to hospital.
30. 968.

April 17th. 1 am.
Receive orders.

1.30 am.
Move up to Twin PIMPLES about 800x from Turks. 2 killed. 6 wounded. 1 missing. 3 to hospital.
31. 956.

6.29 am,
Artillery register.

6.45 am.
Intense bombardment starts,

6.50 am.
Advance commences against Turkish trenches with our right on nullah, under cover of bombardment.

7.10 am.
Assault enemy trenches and bomb along trench leading to river (800x), left wheel, now with our right on river, through ruins of BEIT AIESSA and consolidate ourselves in the Six Water Channels West of ruins.
Casualties during assault, BO’s 3 wounded. ORB 100 approx.

6 pm.
Turks counter attack heavily on our left flank and break through, leaving ourselves & the 89th
[Punjabis] in the air and surrounded.
Throughout the night we were pressed from all sides but with the aid of machine guns & bombs we hold our own & inflict heavy loss on enemy.
Two machine guns were mounted on banks of water course.
31. 956.

April 18th. 2 am.
G.O.C. gives orders (verbal) for the Rangers and 89th to retire and hold the trenches captured yesterday morning.

4.15 am.
89th cover our retirement and we get back with minimum loss and take over the trenches, leaving no wounded or equipment. Spend day in shallow trenches and have many men killed by accurate rifle fire.
Officers present during last days of operations –
Lieut. Col. W.A. Hamilton (Comdg.)
Lieut. D.A. Greer (Adjt.)
Lieut. A.S. Beard.
2 Lieut. T. Kelsey
2 Lieut. T. Lett
2 Lieut. Stevenson
Capt. Tuff
Lieut. Lucey
2 Lieut. Barry.
2 Lieut. Berkeley
2 Lieut. Somerscales
Lieut. Durrant
Lieut. Bradshaw
Lieut. Stead
Lieut. Burns
Capt. Hewitt
2 Lieut. Beckett
Lieut. Brabazon
Lieut. Nicholas
Lieut. O’Brien
Lieut. Creery
Lieut. Payne RAMC.
Lieut. Madgett
Lieut. Betts
Capt. Anderson
2 Lieut. Chester
2 Lieut. Booth.

Officer Casualties –
[(CA) counter attack. (A) assault]
Killed. Lieut. Nicholas RWK (CA)
Wounded. Capt. Anderson 1st CR.(CA). 2 Lieut. Barry 1st CR (A). Lieut. Durrant 1st CR (A). 2 Lieut. Berkeley 3rd CR (CA). 2 Lieut. Beckett 1st CR (A). Lieut. Lucey 4th CR (CA). 2 Lieut. Booth RWK (CA). Lieut. Madgett RWK (CA). Major Leader 1st Kings (18/4/16).
Missing. Lieut. Brabazon 4th CR (CA).

OR’s. Killed 36. Wounded 133. Missing 16.
Total 187 Casualties.

12 pm.
We are relieved by the Warwickshire Regt. And go back with the Bde. to rest.


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Very many thanks for this. It is very helpful.

Best regards

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