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Lieut Frank Scott Sutherland - Highland Light Infantry


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Hi Chaps,

Can anyone give me information in regards to a Frank Scott Sutherland. He was a Canadian who served in the BEF Highland Light Infantry. I believe he started as a Lance Corporal #14293 and was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant in the 12th Battalion HLF. There are medal records pertaining to Sutherland as a Lance Corporal in the 16th HLF and noting his promotion to 2nd Lieut and Lieut. There is also a record of a F. S. Sutherland as Temporary 2nd Lieut in the 12th Battalion HLF - is it probable they are the same serviceman?

Any additional info in regards to his war service would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


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Recorded by name F Sutherland and rank LCPL and service numbers 14293 and 14893 in Forces War Records.

Mentions a gun shot to right leg ( IX1 - Gunshot wound of the lower extremities. Simple flesh contusion or wound).and admitted to Hospital Ship Marahma (Marama?) on 05 Jul 1916 with 'one day treatment'. Also recorded as 16th (Service) Battalion (2nd Glasgow) at that time.

Age 21 at time of admission for treatment with one years service, seven months in field service. Says that he was admitted to Number/Designation of Ward 'Quai', however I suspect that is actually a reference to the ship being at some quay or other (?),

There is also a record of a Temporary 2nd Lt by name of FS Sutherland in the 12th (Service Bn) HLI with a seniority date of 26 Apr 1917. Medal Rolls have the same person recorded as a 2nd Lt.

There have been previous posts on these forums relating to the Marama. In addition this specifically mentions July 1916:-


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In the HLI Chronicle, Vol. XVI, No 4, October 1916, page 157

14293 L-C Sutherland F, is listed as wounded.

In the HLI Chronicle, Vol. XVII, No 4, October 1917, page 145:

Lieut F.S. Sutherland is listed as wounded and 'announced Sept 21".


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Gazetted temp. 2nd Lt. 26.4.1917


Promoted temp. Lt. 26.10.1918


Relinquished commission on completion of service and retained the rank of Lt. 1.9.1921


Service file at National Archives WO339/85899

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