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Remembered Today:

Captain Gerald Robarts, 7th Hussars, The Blues, and the Northhamptonsh


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I finally have this man's sword and while looking him up, could not for the life of me find a suitable photograph of him personally or in an officers' group of any of the three Regiments he served.

Could anyone please supply any photos of him if possible?

Much appreciated with thanks!


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I suppose nothing........ :unsure:

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  • 4 years later...

How an old post becomes relevant to other people as well...

About 30 years ago, my interest in the Grear War was triggered by receiving a small brass plate, given to me by my great-grandfather.

He was, in his younger days, a very busy digger in the surroundings of Gheluvelt.

Scrap metal and brass were sold for pocket money, but things with names and numbers he kept (being formerly in the army, he recognised the meaning of an ID tag or insignia).

Amongst his small collection of bits he kept, there was a small brass plaque (presumably a saddle tag by the form) marked

"Captain G. Robarts, Northamptonshire Yeomanry, 5th Division"


Knowing my great-grandfathers old hunting grounds, this item was found in and never left Gheluvelt.

because those were pre-internet days, I never found out info on this particular plate.

Untill now...


Would there, by chance, be any pictures of the man in his Great War uniform?

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