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I am trying to research my great grandfathers service record, my great grandfather was a officer in a Uhlan regiment possibly a Uhlan Guards regiment, I believe he was a lieutenant, does anyone know of any websites of German records for the first world war, they can be in german as I speak a little German. Thanks

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dont know but Im pretty sure someone asked the same question on the forum in the last few days if you look

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Most German WW1-records were lost in 1945. His hometown may still have documents, and you can try your luck in the Verlustliste or (in case he was killed) at the Volksbund, the German CWGC.

By the way: do you know his name?


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Well I hope you will have success with your search! These things might take little time, depending on the information you have (name, birthday, home town?). Did he survive WW1?

Additionally to the above mentioned links you can try this one as well – very incomplete, but sometimes, one is lucky.


But this site is probably only relevant in the case he died in WW1.

If you are able to find his military unit, you can also search here:


(Here one can buy books on regiment histories for about 5 Euro - downloads– I have not tried it myself, but maybe someone else has?).

This one might help, but is quite detailed to start with:


Yes, many records were lost, so the records for the Prussian army burned down in February 1945 in Potsdam. But for other parts records are saved in archives.


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Thank you both for your help.

His name was Louis Fischer he was born in Poland, his wife my great grandmother was from Gronau in Germany. At some point they moved to Forbach in Lorrainne then part of Germany. I don't know his year of birth. He survived the war

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Did find thís Louis Fischer on the Verlustliste for 11th April 1916:


Fußartillerie batterie nr 143

Unteroffizier Louis Fischer Reinfeld, Rummelsburg Schwer verwundet

Reinfeld, kreis Rummelsburg is now Barnowiec in Poland: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barnowiec,_Pomeranian_Voivodeship

Unteroffizier is a Sergeant or an NCO

Maybe the placename Reinfeld sounds familiar?

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If he served in the Prussian army before the war as an officer, there are the Rangliste. Unfortunately, the vast majority of names are given as surname only. But there is only one Lt. Fischer listed with an Ulan regiment, Nr. 10, which was garrisoned in Posen (Züllichau). After the war, in 1926, a register based on the 1914 Rangliste was published (Ehren Rangliste for short) listing the fates of the officers. The Fischer from Ulanen-Regiment Nr. 10 is listed as OL (Oberleutnant) aD (aD = retired).

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that a regimental history was published after the war (or it's scarce).


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I think my grandfather has a photo of him in his army uniform. Hopefully I can identity both his rank and regiment from this. I imagine a officers and a NCO's is easily distinguished which will help me find the right service record. Thanks once again

I was referring to the difference in their uniform sorry it wasn't clear

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