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AM Col? What does it mean?


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Could anyone tell me what the abbreiviation AM Col, is for, I have come across it in a war diary, the sentance is

'the whole brigade (less AM Col) moved to new area'

The war diary is the 36th Div, 154th Brigade RFA, Nov 1915 - Aug 1916

Thank you in advance,


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It means Ammunition Column - you often see DAC as well meaning Divisional Ammunition Column.

Steve Y

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Thanks Guys, I was thinking along the lines of Army Medical!

So this would mean that Ammunition was not always carried along with the Guns? How many men would there be as part of ammunition column?

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I believe that there were both Brigade and Divisional Ammunition Columns. In this case, it appears to have been the brigade one, there may be something about them in the Long, Long Trail section.

All the best,


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