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James Sherry


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Hello all,

Im trying to find the service records of James Sherry who may have served in WW1.

I can only find a James Sherry in the medal award roll but can't find any information to establish if he is my relative.

From the Medal Roll:

Private James Sherry

Regiment: Cameronian (Scottish Rifles)

Regimental Number: 266649

Former Unit 7 Sco Rif 2609 Pte

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Craig,

Well he was born around the Airdrie area on 20th March 1884. He moved to Glasgow perhaps prior to WW1 and was married to Mary Christie.

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There are 15 soldiers with the name James Sherry in the Medal Index Cards,some of them Scottish. Why do you think that he will be the one you choose ? Your man first landed at war at Gallipoli on 2 Dec 1915 and the card also states that he deserted on 4.4.1918 and no medals were issued. Another date shown is in 1952 with a comment "nearest check".

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It was a new record I came across. Perhaps I have overlooked in the past. Prior to that I have assumed that James' record was destroyed during WW2.

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