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The 5th Light Infantry in East africa

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After a successful deployment in German Kamerun the 5th Light Infantry was sent to East Africa where it fought hard but received a real hammering.

After German East Africa the fit remnants of the regiment were posted to Somaliland and too many of them died there from disease and the climatic conditions.

But the Indian Army authorities showed no mercy to the unit, despite the fact that no mutineers were still serving, and the 1922 reorganization saw the regiment disappear.


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Thanks for both the interesting articles on this Regiment Harry



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Kimberley John Lindsay

Dear Harry and Maureen,

I have a medal group to Ivor Ballantine Evans (who also styled himself Ivor Ballantine-Evans).

I. B. Evans was 2iC of 5th Light Infantry for Third Afghan (and apparently Mentioned, as reported in his Felsted School register, but I have been unable to locate the London Gazette MiD entry)

(A/Major from 16 June 1919 while 2iC of 1/5 Infantry; Capt 15 May 1919 and subsequently attd 7th Rajputs before retiring IA 1922):

1914-15 Star (2. Lieut. I. B. Evans, Manch. R.); BWM (Lieut.); Victory (Capt.); IGS Afgh NWF 1919 (A/Capt., 1/5/Infy.); Defence.

I am seeking a military (group) photograph including Evans, but fortunately at least have a Felsted School group!

He joined the Manchesters from the Special Reserve and served in France (although his MIC indicates Salonika as first theatre of war), and then, unusually, did a course at RMC Sandhurst to become a Regular.

He was subsequently attd 5/Royal Irish R. at Salonika, as Adjutant, before transferring to the Indian Army. No doubt Home Guard, 1939-45...

Kindest regards,


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