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Arthur J Gallehawk Norfolk/RE


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Please find attached medal card for Arthur J Gallehawk. I have added the 4a Theatre of War which seems to be East Africa. The only problem is I can't find anything about the Norfolks or Royal Engineers arriving in East Africa in July 1915.

I am sure someone with greater knowledge may be able to help.

Thanks in advance.


SORRY, not sure the Medal Card has attached?

Vic, Br, 15 Star. Theatre of War 41. Date of entry: 29.7.15.

Norfolk R Pte 2150. Norfolk R. 200236. RE 315157 Re-enlisted.

I'm thinking he was a Regular who then enlisted in the RE??

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Hi Iris,

The Victory and British War Medals Roll http://interactive.ancestry.co.uk/5119/41629_636897_10792-00212/580014?backurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.ancestry.co.uk%2fcgi-bin%2fsse.dll%3fdb%3diwoservicemedalawardrolls%26so%3d2%26pcat%3dUK_WWI_COLLECTIONS%26new%3d1%26gsln%3dGallehawk%26rank%3d1%26gss%3dangs-c%26sbo%3d1%26gsln_x%3dXO&ssrc=&backlabel=ReturnSearchResults shows that Arthur served with the 1/4 Norfolk Regiment. That was a territorial battalion whose basic movements can be seen on the LLT http://www.1914-1918.net/norfolks.htm. That website also shows that the number 200236 falls within the block allocated to the 4th battalion when renumbering took place in 1917 http://www.1914-1918.net/TF_renumbering_infantry.htm



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He was a time-expired territorial. He was renumbered in March 1917 along with the rest of the TF, discharged, and then conscripted into the RE later that year. I think that the theatre of war may be an error as the date coincides with the embarkation date of the battalion for Gallipoli, assuming he was with them at that time.


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Thank you Terry and Chris for this very good information. I did begin to wonder if the Theatre was the wrong code.

Kind regards, Iris

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From helping several people at the family history show at the weekend, I came to the conclusion that the Theatre of War codes on the Long, Long Trail website were not necessarily those used (one of very few "discrepancies" on the site - I suspect the error may lie with the clerk rather than the LLT!). It may just be the dates. I suspect the 4a for "1916 and after" may be the actual Theatre i.e. Egypt you are looking for.

Certainly the Northamptons in 54th Division embarked to Gallipoli on the 29-7-1915 (aboard the Royal George) and I suspect that the Norfolks in the same Division embarked then too. A proportion of the battalions were sent to Egypt "as "First Reinforcements" along with some or all of the battalion Transport sections. They then moved to Gallipoli a few weeks later as reinforcements.

EDIT: The LLT shows for the 4th Norfolks: "29 July 1915 : embarked at Liverpool and moved to Gallipoli via Mudros. Landed at Suvla Bay on 10 August 1915."

EDIT again: As Terry has mentioned above, of course!

His numbers match with those issued to the 4th Norfolks.


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