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Royal Fusilier- Enlistment, number prefix?


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The man in question is L/13947 Walter Young.

I know he enlisted 15/2/1910 and discharged 24/2/17 but have no service, pension or MIC for him (can't find MIC with TNA or Ancestry). His medal roll and SWB roll exist and 3 entries on casualty list which will have to do. I'd like to find more L/ numbered men close to Walter's to work out his history. The two I have so far (below) are a bit varied.

The quick question is - might there be a L/13900 and a GS/13900 in the RF.

I've tried to find other men that would have enlisted and served with Walter and only came up with 2 possibles:

L/13934 C Woodroffe. Enlisted 3rd Bn. 11/2/1910. Transf. 22nd Bn May 1916

L/13942 John Edward O'Grady. Enlisted 3rd Bn 11/2/1910 as a Boy. Posted 6th Bn. July 1916.

Then I found:

13951 Stevenson. Enlisted 1915
13952 Allen. Enlisted 1915
13959 Francis. Enlisted 1915.

I guess these must have GS or G prefixes.

My other point which I may ask in another post is:

I have found O'Grady on 1911 census with 3rd Bn in Mauritius but not Young or Woodroffe, Can't find them anywhere. From what I can work out the three men should be together and would have been in Gallipoli together. Woodroffe served in Gallipoli, O'Grady seems to only have Mauritius, India, Home and BEF.



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I'm inclined to agree with your assessment - there were two sets of numbers in this series L/ and G/. Also in many cases the G/ and GS/ seem interchangeable. GS/ seems for war raised personnel and L/ is for either pre-war and regular enlistments. That is on top of PS/, K/, J and numerous other prefixes with the same digits.

Kind regards


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Thanks Colin and IPT.

As I've been trawling through WO363 and 364 number by number trying to find 139** men that have the L prefix and enlisted early 1910 I've been sidetracked by other 139** men and have to check each record to either find a GS prefix or enlistment date other than 1910 in order to move the search on. Now at least I know that eg 13950 might be an L or a GS and will need checking.

Thanks for the heads up on Carpenter, will check what other record there are for him and see if I can find him on 1911 census.


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