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Officers record of services, 8th RB, some questions


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Wonder if anyone can assist a little with this officers "Officer's Record of Services, Army Book 439.

All the 14th Divisional material I have however I am at a loss regarding:-

POW Depot Coy - 27/6/17 to 11/9/17

19th POW Coy - 12/9/17 to 2/11/17

3rd Army Railhead - 3/12/17 to 29/5/18

5th Army Railhead - 29/5/18 to 9/4/19

Both Railheads he acted as Adjutant, then went onto the position of Staff Captain, Hazebrouck sub area from the 10/4/19

Thank you




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Hello Andy

The Labour Corps had a number of Prisoner-of-War Companies so I think that explains two of the postings. Each of the five Armies had a Railhead Commandant, basically to supervise unloading of stores and reinforcements and their onward transmission to the correct destinations, and these officers were assisted by an adjutant.

It seems likely that after his second hospitalisation in April/May 1917 he was medically downgraded, and given admin jobs thereafter. His knee was probably badly damaged by the gun shot wound. You will note that his MC was gazetted in the New Year Honours List of 1918, indicating that it was for generally valuable service rather than a specific act of gallantry.


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Hi Ron,

He went on to serve in WW2 hence his papers are not available as yet. I believe the gunshot wound to his face was quite severe and would agree that he was probably medically downgraded. I am aware of the POW Companies having come across many RB men downgraded that were posted to them however I am unaware of their localities also the railheads, I have been told that they operated reasonably close to the front lines but am unaware of their positions.

Thank you and yes the MC was awarded in the New years honours list for general service.


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Hi Andy

Sorry, I mis-read face as knee!

I don't have my copy of the Official History to hand but I think "1916, Volume 1" will tell you where the railheads were.


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