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Remembered Today:

Major CAK Johnson, 1st Bengal Lancers (Skinner's Horse) Great War?


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By having a good look at Hart's Army Lists from 1897 to 1914, I have hit a brick wall and could only see that he was still a Major as of 1914. Would or could anyone kindly help me fill the gaps in his career if you please?

Many Thanks!

S78 :)

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An obituary for Lt.-Col. Clarence Arnold Keatinge Johnson was published in The Times on Friday 19.11.1937. He died on 17.11.1937 at 6, Bentinck Street, London.


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What an interesting history! A pity of him retiring almost on the eve of his most probable eventual commanding of his Regiment.

Would his service records be in both the India office and Australia I wonder?

As you've guessed I got this today:


Thanks a lot Harry as always. :thumbsup:

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Sorry to say his Indian Army officer papers will not be at the India Office - they would have been presented to him on his retirement.

I would expect a record in Australia though but that's not in my sphere of knowledge.



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Clarence Arnold Keatinge Johnson's Australian service record exists and is available in digital form to download for free.

For, obviously, those who have not used the excellent Australian forces records archive before proceed as follows to find C.A.K.J's. record.

Follow this link http://www.naa.gov.au/collection/explore/defence/service-records/army-wwi.aspx

On the first page click on 'First Australian Imperial Forces personnel dossiers (World War 1 service papers)

On the next page click on the 'Name search tab'

On the next page insert Johnson in the 'Family name' box, and in the drop down menu of the 'Category of records' box select 'World 1' and click search

1721 matches will be found for Johnson. Click on 'Refine this search result'

On the next page, in the 'Given names' box insert Clarence Arnold Keatinge, or just Keatinge will do in this case, and click search

1 match will appear. Click on 'display'. Details of Johnson, C.A.K.'s record will appear.

Click on 'view digital copy' in the green bar to see the record

There are apparently 30 pages to work through

Right click on the pages and save to download.

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Hi Harry,

That's really great, thanks a million for taking the time to guide me through the site. I learned a lot today because of you. And thank you Matthew B. for your advice on whether his papers would or would not be at the India office I'll take on trust.

Best wishes,


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