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Identify Italian Uniform and Regiment


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I wonder if there's any chance that someone could identify the regiment from the uniform? His name was Giovanni Crisantemi and he was my wife's grandfather who fought at Piave. He was eventually killed in Abyssinia in 1936. Anything enlightening that would lead to more information on him would be great.

His widow later hid allied escaped POWs in WW2 receiving a letter of thanks from Field Marshall Alexander.

Many thanks


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Surely your wife's grandfather belonged to the italian assault troops created in 1917 and named "Arditi".

It's easily recognized by the model of the field jacket with open collar with black insigna, and for the special knife as you can see by the picture.

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Many thanks. That is just the answer I'm looking for. I will certainly look for more information on the Arditi and hopefully discover where they were fighting.

Ancora molte grazie


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Ciao Will,

i’m Paolo and i am admin of site grandeguerraphotoarchive. I am out of office but for the moment i have found this. Giovanni received one “Medaglia di bronzo al valore militare”.


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Hi Paolo


Many thanks. I have managed to translate it so this is a fascinating discovery. I have shared this with family in Italy who are very interested to see this for the first time. They think he is buried in Moggio but it's difficult to find any information on Military graves in Ethiopia.


Best wishes Will

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