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Remembered Today:

Ernest Hoel Hacon, general list as Captain.


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Ernest Hoel Hacon 1868-1941 occasionally found erroroneously as Noel, served according to his old school obituary as Major A.P.M. (Assistant Provost Marshall?) for Plymouth and later Dublin. Went to France in 1918 as Area Commandant later serving on the Rhine 1919-1920 as D.A.P.M. (District Assistant Provost Marshall?) and was mentioned for valuable services.

He served in The Buffs 1889-1893 and was Superintendent of the Devon Constabulary 1900-1907.

Can any member confirm my acronym translations and whether being mentioned for valuable services means a mentioned in dispatches award?

Any guidance or advice always welcome. Wishing all members a Happy Easter holiday.


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D.A.P.M. is Deputy Assistant Provost Marshal


A.P.M. should really be A.A.P.M.? Area Assistant Provost Marshal


Edit: May be useful - relinquished his commission May 21 1920


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Many thanks johnboy and Harry.

Discovered his brother-in-law was John Constantine Gordon Longmore, brigadier-general.

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