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Remembered Today:

The great war tour tv series


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starting next tues 9pm on pbs America and repeated, looks like an excellent ww1 series showing the Canadian perspective.

I have a few of norms king and empire books and a couple of excellent dvds, :thumbsup:

as I have an interest in hill62 I look forward to his view.

As far as I know it hasn't been shown on British TV

Biff :poppy:

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Thanks for this Biff, I shall be tuning in


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Having just watched the four episodes, I have to say I`m very glad that I did.

I could perhaps take issue with one or two of his statistics, but on the whole, the more I watched the more I enjoyed his presentation.

I like what drives him, and more power to his efforts identifying the "unknown".

Thumbs up from me. It will be converted to dvd`s and added to the collection.

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