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Soldbuch pocket


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1. According to Collection of Information regarding the Enemy (Army Form W. 3092) ;

“The German soldier usually carries all his papers in the skirt pocket at the back of his tunic. Prisoners should be searched as soon as possible after they are captured, to prevent them destroying documents in their possession.”

2. According to Instructions on the collection and transmission of Intelligence by Troops ;

The identification marks to be looked for on German soldiers are the following :—

(b) The pay book (soldbuch)—in the tunic pocket.”

3. According to List of Kit of German soldiers in Turkey from a document by German officer ;

“1 pay book in the right hand tunic pocket”

4. According to Notes on Minor Enterprises (SS 107) [which was a guide to conducting trench raids] ;

"All information collected should be accessible to all ranks and this should include details on the following points :—

Description of the enemy’s trenches.

Reports of other minor operations.

Notes on the enemy’s hand grenades.

How to use and dismount the enemy’s machine guns.

German soldier’s pay-book and identity disc (the identity disc is usually hung round the neck and the pay-book sewn in the skirt of the coat).

Where gas cylinders are likely to be found.

Description of the enemy’s Flammenwerfer equipment.

Description of the enemy’s unit supposed to be holding the trenches to be attacked.

Instructions as to what a soldier is bound to divulge if captured, viz : rank and name only."

Take your pick!

Chris Henschke

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