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Remembered Today:

First pattern 98/05 bayonets


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Hi all

A few images of first pattern 98/05

The saw back is 1914 made by Erfurt no regimental markings found in chimney in old cottage in ireland

Plane blade made by Alex Coppel Solingen in1915 again no regimental markings

Both with scabbards and frog

Not best of condition but representative examples and I have yet to find up grade for the right price

From previous conversations I understand a first pattern saw back is hard enough to find

Frog on both dated 1916 and 1915

Hope you like them








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... Hope you like them

Like them? Are you serious? Two S.98/05 a.A? One m.S? Slavering noises from over here that drown out the thunder- and hailstorm we are currently experiencing! Frogs and scabbards to boot? Swoon, swoon...

But, how did they (or just one?) get up a chimney in Ireland? A visit from Santa that went wrong???

As to rarity, the later n.A. sawbacks are more common (in my opinion, based solely on observation) than the a.A. plain examples, so, yes, both are very nice, and the sawback especially so.


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Hi Trajan

Thanks for the kind words

I imagine You will be happy to hear in the new house these items will be on display rather than wrapped in paper shoved in a box

Taught you would like them, I must apologise though for my photography , the I pad has no flash and Ireland has no sunlight!

Ireland would have a good bit of imperial german arms as a lot ended up here during the war of independence and the civil war from 1919-1923 perhaps the bayonet was put up the chimney then, when I got it there was grime all over it but the frog survived.

The non saw back was picked up at a militaria fair,

All in all I think I have a good few of the 95/05 range but what I do not have is a leather scabbard example or any of the transitional ones.

I have a turked example but I am sure you have seen enough of these :-)



Ps I have a few more imperial bayonets I will get up over the next few days

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Nice pair of bayonets Ken, finding that sawback, scabbard & frog up a chimney is bloody fantastic.....think I would have thought all my xmas had came at once, that has to be the luckiest find of a lifetime :)

Please feel free to post any of your bayonets mate, I never get sick of seeing them inc turked versions (for which I have a soft spot, even tho our good mate S/S abhors them & warned me numerous times not to head down that slippery slope ;)


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