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1rst Volunteer Battalion Hampshires


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On my great uncle Jesse Lambourne's war service record when he re-enlisted on 29 March 1915 in the 1/5th Hampshire Regiment at the age of 47. It showed he had served before in the 1rst Volunteer Battalion Hampshire and was in the National Reserve.

How do I find out about his service in the Army in the 1rst V B Hants before the war.

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There is a book on the history of the 1st Hants V.B., but it only covers from 1859 to 1889, with an appendix covering 1890 - 1903.

I have found the best way to get any sort of insight into the doings of the local Volunteers is to read the local papers, who may detail such things as rifle competition results and other activities where individuals may get a mention.

A month subscription to British Newspapers online, would do it.


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There is a Jesse Lambourne with a Medal Index Card showing four unit numbers,in this sequence:

266944 Sapper Royal Engineers

1080 Hampshire Regiment

20682 Royal Defence Corps,and,

WR/150178 Royal Engineers.

He also has an entry in the Silver War Badge List RE/3032 which indicates that he was discharged to sickness on 27 Jan 1919 aged 50,as no longer fit for active service.He served with RE Railway Troops prior to discharge.

I haven't found a service record. It is likely that his Volunteer papers would be included with his WW1 papers,which may have been lost in enemy bombing in 1940.

His Medal Roll entry shows the sequence:

1080 1/5 Hampshire Regiment (served in India for most of the war)

266944 RE

20682 RDC,and,

WR/150178 RE again (WR = Waterways and Railways)

so this might have been the sequence of service,though the MIC is often said to have that !

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Sotonmate. Thanks for the info. I have that info too as well as his Army service record. Iy only states that he had served in the 1rst V B Hants with no further info

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