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Badge on left sleeve, above Marksman's Badge. Ident please?

Andy Wade

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Hi Everyone,

I've recently been sent a picture of Private Clifford Shuttleworth of the West Yorkshire Regiment.

On his sleeve above the Marksman's Badge is this round-ish shaped badge. Does anyone know what it is please?

I'm stumped and I suspect I'm going to be embarrassed when the first person comes along with a simple answer that I should have known...

Thanks for lucking.

Kind regards, Andy.


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Or Lewis Gunner? I think there was also one with MG in the laurels for machine gunner. It seems a bit "solid" inside the laurels though.


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Because of where it is, it should be skill-at-arms, so, if it is anything other than a blemish on the photo, yes, HG LG or MG in wreath. Of these, LG is firm favourite.

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Thank you very much chaps, I'm much obliged to you all for this!

I can't get a better image of the sleeve than the one I've posted but I'll email the person who sent me the scan and ask him to look at the original with a magnifying glass to see if he can resolve any letters, now that he knows what to look for.

Many thanks again.


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