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14 Machine Gun Squadron (Cavalry)


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My Grandad's unit, 14 Machine Gun Squadron (Cavalry), was attached to the Ambala Cavalry Brigade of the 5th Cavalry Division at the beginning of 1918. I have obtained copes of their war diaries up to the end of Feb 1918, but no further. In March of that year the Division was broken up with the 8th Hussars (Grandad's previous Regiment) moving to the 9th Cavalry Brigade of the 1st Cavalry Division and the Indian Cavalry Regiments moving to the Middle East.

1) Can anyone tell me what happened to 14 Machine Gun Squadron betwen the end of February 1918 and the Squadron being disbanded in April 1918?

2) Can anyone tell what happened to the men of 14 Machine Gun Squadron when they were disbanded in April 1918?

I am thinking that they may have been absorbed into 9 Machine Gun Squadron of the 9th Cavalry Brigade, but can find nothing to suggest or evidence this. I know my Grandad did not leave the Western Front so did not go to the Middle East.

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