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German cartridge

marc coene

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I have a question about a cupper German shell cartridge.

It is about 723 mm high and has a diameter on underside of 175 mm as ib the photo. On the side where the shell was inserted in the cartridge I measure 155 mm

There is marked July 1918 on underside or the cartridge.

Some questions:

- Somebody has an idea for what kind of shell it was used?

- Can it have been used in the front round Ypres?

- Was it used for naval guns or was it used on land guns?

- Somebody has a rough idea how much it is worth?

- Is the 723 mm its original real length or was the cartridge cut off a part?

All info is wellcome.

Thanks, Marc



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Probably the cartridge for a 15cm SK L/43 M16 gun made by Krupp or Rheinmetall. These guns were used along the Western Front for long range interdiction and

counterbattery fire. They were supposed to eventually replace the Naval 15cm L/40 barrels on improvised carriages. More at: http://www.kaisersbunker.com/cc/cc06.htm.

The cartridge is formed from brass not copper. The projectile weighed 52.5kg - I'd guess mostly HE filling was used.



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