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Frederick Porter - HMS Undaunted, Euryalus, Viola

David Ingleby

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First time I've been looking for info for a Navy man, I've been tied to land so far!

Frederick Porter was born in Wrabness, Essex in 1887 and worked as a 'Railway Steamship Fireman XRN'. The family believe he worked for the Great Eastern Railway Company on their steamship services from Harwich to the Hook of Holland.

He was then, presumably, called up and served in the three ships named above and I have a copy of postcard from him dated Oct 20th 1915, showing HMS Euryalus on the front side. I am also in possession of a picture of HMS Viola with a handwritten title with Q14 added. I assume this to relate to the minesweeper/escort launched in 1916.

The family also believe that one of the ships he served on was involved in the Gallipoli campaign.

I have not been able to find any trace of Fred in the official records. This is more likely due to my lack of familiarity with Naval records than the fact they aren't there!

Can anyone help me find any material that would shed some light on his war service? Even legal entitlement would be a bonus! Gallipoli? Is that fact or family story?

Additionally, does anyone recognise the 'XRN' at the end of his pre-war occupation?

Thanks (from a landlubber!)

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This should be your man - a Special Service stoker who should have served 5 years (1908-1913) in the Fleet followed by seven years in the Royal Fleet Reserve (RFR). He was mobilised from the RFR for WW1, claiming a 1914-15 Star trio of medals. XRN = Ex-Royal Navy.


HMS VIOLA (also sailed under CRANFORD and DAMARIS) was a 1916 convoy sloop which was employed as a decoy vessel (Q.Ship) as Q.14.

HMS EURYALUS was flagship at the Gallipoli landings.

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horatio2 - many thanks for your help. That's my man! So grateful for the info. More bits of the jigsaw have now fallen into place. Not sure where HMS Undaunted came from.

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