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Surrey Yeomanry Salonika

Guest SevillePaul

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Guest SevillePaul

I am the grandson of Howard Nevill Rogers, private in A or B Battalion of the Surrey Yeomanry which participated

in the Gallipoli campaign in 1915-16 in Salonika.

I would be grateful if anyone could supply information about the activities of his regiment, apparently after spending

some time in France after disembarking from England on 28 March 1915.

Thanks, Paul Rogers

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Welcome to the Forum.

Yeomanry Regiments were divided into Squadrons not Battalions.

Some parts of the Squadron War Diaries, which give a day to day account of the Squadrons activities, are available for download at £3.30 each. Others have not been digitalised but are held at TNA.

This link will provide you access:



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You need:

"The History and War Record of the Surrey Yeomanry" by E D Harrison-Ainsworth published in 1928.

A and B Sqn were attached to the 27th and 28th Divs respectively (France and Flanders) and then in 1916 in Salonika. Formed XVI Corps Cav Regt and remained there for the remainder of the War.

C Sqn was attached to the 29th Div which served in Egypt, then the Dardanelles (not technically speaking Gallipoli) and later (from 1916) in France

If he served in 'Gallipoli' then Salonika he would have originally been in C Sqn then transferred to A or B Sqn.

Edit. As far as I am aware C Sqn never got further than Imbros with GHQ MEF. Gallipoli was a dismounted affair and although many Yeomanry Regiments did serve at Gallipoli they were all dismounted. MG

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