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Trying to find the name of a memorial/cenotaph.


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Travelling on the single track road from the village of Ginchy to Lesboeufs in the Picardy region (Somme) there is a memorial with a white stone cross on it, (2) I believe it is known as 'The English Memorial' and a short distance toward Lesboeufs is another memorial (3) shaped like a needle situated in the field on the left of the road, this is quite a way before you get to the large Guards memorial (4), does anyone know the name of the 'needle memorial' (3) please.




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Skipman, that is the one,thank you for such a quick and accurate reply. My great uncle was KIA on the 17th September 1916 after a failed attempt by the 11th (Sevice) Battalion Rifle Brigade to capture the village of Lesboeufs, he was posted missing and to my knowledge his body was not recovered although I believe there were a number of unidentifed soldiers buried in the Guards Cemetery on this road, and my daughter is going across to see what she can find out.

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