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Wargaming the Z Beach Landings

Guest Mechanic34

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Guest Mechanic34

Hi All,

I have been reading with interest all the comments I can of the ANZAC landings on Z Beach as I would like to war game the engagement. I have created a very poor model of the AO from just north of Gaba Tepe to just north of Agildere, across to an easterly on Hill 971 (Kocacimen). This is all based on a colour contour map by Mustafa Senocak called 'The ANZAC Sector'. The contours shown are at 50m intervals.

I have quiet a few different colour maps of the area as trying to read a proper map of the area once enlarged has been impossible. I also found that all other maps use a different presentation method with no contour scale which requires a fair amount of deduction to reproduce in a 3d model.

The 3d model now 'completed' consists of 6 x 24 inch square boards giving a scale of 2 miles, and therefore a 1 inch to 150 yards. I believe a time scale on 1 hour turns would be best as I will explain later. Troops representation will be based on platoons.

Any help with the following questions, corrections or suggestions greatly appreciated.

Turkish OOB - 27 Inf Regt, 4th Coy, 2nd Batt. ? Coy.

I am assuming 4 platoons to the COY, placed IVO, Catlakdere, (is this the approx. location of Fishermans Hut), Walker Ridge & Chatham Point. Where is the fourth ?

Mention has been made of a possible ART BTY IVO Hill 400. Truth or not I am inclined to add it just so defender has a bit more on table to counter with.

0530 - Off table ART to include BTY of 2 x 15cm, 2 x 12cm & 2 x Norden guns at Gaba Tepe available.

0930 - 1st & 3rd BN at Kavak Tepe ?

1030 - 1st & 3rd BN deployed ? Chunuk Bair ? Plus MG COY ?

1100 - 57 INF at Scrubby Knoll or at eastern edge if occupied

???? - 72 INF where ?

???? - 77 INF where ?

ANZAC OOB by waves 1 hour apart.

0430 - first 6 COY -2@ 9,10,11 BN

0530 - second 6 COY - 2@ 9, 10, 11 BN

0630 - 4 COY - 12 BN

0730 - first 6 COY - 2@ 5,6,7 BN

0830 - second 6 COY - 2@ 5,6,7 BN

0930 - 4 COY - 8 BN

1030 - 2 COY Canterbury BN, 4 COY Auckland BN

1130 - 2 COY Canterbury BN, 2 COY Wellington / Otaga BN ?

1230 - 1530 No landings as all assets being used to remove casulaties

1630 - remaining COY Wellington & Otago BN

1730 - first 6 COY -2@ 13,14,15 BN

1830 - second 6 COY - 2@ 13, 14, 15 BN

1930 - 4 COY - 16 BN

Once I can be certain of the above I would like to put forward some ideas for hindering the ANZAC movt of troops.

Thanks in advance.


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From my reseach, which I am sure others will have better knowage will correct, states that the 2Bn/27th Regt defended the front line with three Co's along the front with one Co in reserve.

It looked like this.

2nd Battalion: commander (?) (Maj Ismet & Capt Mustafa Efendi KIA 25-4-15 to Capt Faik Efendi (some accounts place Capt. Halis (Ataksor) Efendi as commander 2Bn at Anzac? but he commanded the 3rd Bn)

  • - Lt. Mahmut Efendi (5Co) (KIA 25-4-15), Capt. Refik Efendi (possibly 6Co), Capt. Asım Efendi (possibly 7Co) , Capt. Faik Efendi (8Co?) (wrote an account) (8Co had only 3 of 89 men survived) (Capt Rıza Efendi 5Co KIA 26-4-15)

- - - team (platoon) commanders: Under Lt. Mustafa, Officer cadet Mthat, Under Lt. İsmail Hakkı, Under Lt. İbrahim Hayrettin (2 platoon 8Co wrote account of that first day), Under Lt. Muharrem, NCO Master Sargeant Süleyman (only named platoon commanders other may of had Sgts in command?)

Accounts give the Battery that supported the front was around the Lone Pine area, (it was later over run by aussie forces but recaptured by the Turks) was called the 7th Battery 27th Artillery Regt (older type 75mm guns) . ORbats for this unit say there were only six Batteries in the 27th Arty Regt so who commanded this battery and any other details are hard to find?

The remainder of the 27th Regt were in reserve and didn't start to move till after day light. As were units of the 9th Div.

Accounts by these two officers with the 2Bn both state or don't mention, there were any MGs to support them during that early morning.



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