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Pay Rates for Soldiers in 1914

Hedley Malloch

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Where can I find out what different ranks of soldiers were paid in 1914?

Many thanks in advance.

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10 hours ago, ForeignGong said:


Did the pay rates change as the war progressed or did they stay the same as in the link above for 1914???





There was an increase in pay for soldiers and sailors in October 1917.


For the Army, in addition to 1d a day for each year of service, proficiency pay was paid after six months instead of two years.  Perhaps most signicantly the State took over elements of the compulsory allottment to dependants.

These concessions did not apply to those men recruited on special rates of pay.

The estimated cost to the Exchequer was £50m.


Full details and Lloyd George's letter published in the Times Monday October 1 1917 pg 9


Not without controversy as subsequent editions show.





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